Leak Detection Services

Whether it is commercial or residential building, leak detection is important. A lot of reasons can be there for water leaks. No matter the reason behind leakage, the result is frequently comparable. Major causes of water leaks include: old pipelines, poorly constructed valves, mechanical damage and few more. Leaks can occur anytime in pipes. Sometimes, the warning signs are ignored by a person. In case of leakage, not even small leaks can be avoided. Often, the small leak in the piping system has potential to cause destruction to your business. And at the end, we are left with no option instead of changing the piping system. On the off chance if this issue left as it, it can harm your property.

Some of the commonly seen water leaks:

Piping System: One of the major reasons of water leakage in buildings is the piping system. It can cause severe destruction if ignored.

Leakage in water heaters: You sometimes don’t bother about the leaks in water heaters. After some time frame, they started to rust. It can cause huge damage if not detected at early stage.

Leaks in sewer lines or drains: Sometimes, the drains or sewer lines are backed up due to the leaks. It must be handled to avoid the risk of clogging.

Major hazards of water leaks are highlighted here:

  • It can cause serious destruction to your business
  • Leakage in pipes can cause damage to house by flooding your home. It may create mildew
  • More chances of contamination
  • Lowering the environment quality
  • Lowering the firefighting capacity and blow offs
  • Financial loss by damaging your property
  • Danger to human safety by causing destruction to your residence or commercial place

Few warn signs are:

  • Backed up drains
  • Water pressure loss
  • Slow draining system

Handling leakage related issues on your own is of big risk. Stop the potential leak through convincing leak detection services! While talking about water conservation, leak detection is a logical approach. Leaks must be fixed to avoid any further loss in the commercial or residential building.

The major benefits of Leak Detection Services are:

  • Diminish the risk of defilement
  • Diminish the harm for property either commercial or residential
  • Enhance the quality of piping system
  • Enhanced utilization of supply
  • Reduction in the contamination
  • Ease in running the water system
  • Reliable water system
  • Improve the environment quality
  • Reduction in water outage

Get the maximum support so that leak detection system can do well as:

  • Instant detection of leaks
  • Locating leaks perfectly
  • Easy Retro fitting
  • Working with high reliability
  • Low maintenance


At Zippy Leak, we investigate all types of leaks in your commercial as well as residential buildings. Leaks in piping systems can be devasting and can lead to huge destruction. We make it fix fast. Our specialists are there to meet your leak detection requirements. We are pride to be one of the leading leak detection companies in USA. Our professional have many years of experience in providing hassle free leak detection services. They make use of the modern detection approaches to fix the leaks in the piping system. No matter what type of water leak is! Our engineers will find it soon. The service experts, at Zippy Leak, have expertise to find the hidden leaks.



We are experienced leak detection and repair company in detecting water leaks. Our team     is expertise in detecting leaks and fixing them perfectly. We find and repair leaks including water leaks, gas leaks, drain leaks, mains water leaking, piping leaks, sewer lines leaks etc. The leak detection and repair services at Zippy leak cover all the major cities of USA.

Some of the leak detection services we offer are:

  • Water leak detection
  • Slab leak detection
  • Pool leak detection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Spa leak detection
  • Sewer leak detection


The way we find and fix your water leaks is unique. Our staff of experts handles all kinds of leaks in an effective manner.

Our leak detection services highlighted as:

  • Experienced staff: Our engineers assist you with the convincing leak detection and repair services. We are committed to get your job done correctly!
  • Saving big money: Whether you are looking for water leak detection, gas leak repair, slab leak detection or any other related service, choose us to get the best solution at less cost.
  • Hassle free approach: We, at Zippy leak, follow the modern leak detection methods to solve the leakage issues to avoid the destruction of your residential and commercial property.

We strive hard to offer best leak detection services in USA. We not only involved in visual inspection of your piping systems but also use latest methods to find the hidden leaks. Once the hidden water leak is found, our staff repairs the piping and fixes the leaks quickly. Our engineers help in all kinds of leak detection, leak repair and leak inspection services by embracing latest leak detection strategies. Don’t be stressed with the leaks in your building! Throw away your hassle by contacting our staff for assistance. We are available to detect the leaks in your piping system and offer the solution right away.

Never let the water leaks to cause destruction in your home! Speak to our technician by just putting your Zip code. Our service engineers will never let you down by providing operation support in case of water leakage, sewer line leakage or any other leakage issue. We respect for you and your property. 100% guaranteed service! We are here for flexible scheduling to offer you the quick response to your problem.

No more worry about our service expenses! We will let you know before starting the leak detection and repair.

Call us today for the quick solutions and competitive pricing!