Underground Leak Detection


Basically, leak detection methods are used to locate leaks in water, steam lines, sewer lines. Underground water lines also cause water leaks in most cases. Whether facing the problem of leaks in residential place or commercial area, it is important to handle. You should step ahead not only for big leaks but also secure your property from small leaks. Because, small leaks can also turn up to big problem and can cause large destruction. Underground leaks can be found in slabs or swimming pools. Underground leaks can be a big headache! So, it needs to be fixed at the early otherwise it may lead to big loss of your property and money.

Mainly the leaks arise in the slab of your home or business. The first indication of underground leak is high water bills. Sometimes, we ignore the small leaks related problems but we will regret later. Early solutions of leaks can secure our properties either at residential place or commercial one. Hiring a professional underground leak detection and repair company can be the best solution to your problem to meet your leak detection requirements at affordable price. While availing the leak detection services, always go for the company which offer best customer service, quick response and guaranteed services in a cost-effective manner. All the services are offered at Zippy Leak. Choose us and be the smart customer to get the best solutions instantly!

Even if you feel it’s hard to find the leaks. The team, at Zippy Leak, has potential and extensive knowledge to locate any sorts of hidden leaks. Our staff pinpoints the leak.

Few signs to indicate that you have a leak:

  • Increased water billing
  • Sounds of running water when there is no sort of work for water
  • Cracks in flooring
  • Kicks in water heater
  • Constant wetness in the areas

Other services that our business offer:

  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Spa Leak Detection
  • Drain Leak Detection
  • Drain Leak Repair
  • Pool Leak Repair
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Spa Leak Repair
  • Fountain Leak Repair
  • Home Leak Inspection
  • Slab Leak Inspection
  • Spa Leak Inspection
  • Sewer Leak Inspection

Our engineers are expertise in locating all sorts of leaks to protect your property from destruction. Our technician @Zippy Leak will track down the leaks in order to save your money and time. We will work accurately to offer the best repair solutions for underground leak detection. The most advanced technology is used by our staff to locate any leaks in your house or business location. Trust Zippy Leak to show innovative solutions for underground leak detection quickly. We suspect the leak whether it is inside of your home or outside. Zippy Leak looks after the leak problem with top quality service.

With numerous years of experience, our technicians are skilled in locating the concrete slab leaks, underground water leaks, pool leaks, plumbing water leaks, irrigation leaks, sewer leaks.

Our comprehensive approach:

  • Residential leak detection services:

We assist our clients by locating hidden leaks in homes. We are a full service company which   claims to ensure complete assurance. Our engineers are well trained to locate underground leaks safely and smoothly to save your money, trouble and time.

  • Commercial water leaks detection:

We handle commercial leaks in addition to residential leaks. We specialize in working with our contractors and clients through reliable approach. We are serving businesses with leak detection across the United States. Our client’s satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our comprehensive services make us to help our clients with the best solution of their leaks related issues. All is done at competitive prices. Choose us when you think there is no solution for locating leaks and fixing them. We will do the best for you as we respect you!

Beneficial aspects of services at Zippy Leak:

  • We welcome you with our well trained professional to serve you with residential leak detection and commercial leak detection
  • Our solutions are cost-friendly
  • The staff of Zippy Leak uses non-invasive methods for leak detection
  • Full Service Company to offer you the best innovative solution
  • Quick response
  • USA leading leak detection experts
  • Highest standard of services for leak detection, leak repair and inspection


Zippy Leak and its staff have an outstanding reputation in leak detection and repair. Our staff has extensive knowledge and proficiency in handling all types of leaks from many years. We utilize innovative leak detection methods. Millions of clients are impressed with our accurate leak detection services for residential, commercial and industrial protection throughout United States.

No matter what type of leak you noticed in your home or business! Don’t be stressed because of it. Call us or contact us online. We are here to support you with promising solutions through quick response. No more hassle! No more wastage of time and money! No damage to your residential or commercial property! Be the customer of Zippy Leak to protect your property from damage through leak detection methods.

More about Zippy Leak:

Our experienced staff and advanced technology are the keys to our great success in the competitive market. Even the toughest leaks are easily located by our team.

We are not only locating the leaks but are also offer best solutions for leak repair and inspection. Our leak repair services include pool leak repair, drain leak repair, fountain leak repair, spa leak repair, sewer leak repair, irrigation leak repair. The other service we offered for leak inspection are: plumbing leak inspection, home leak inspection, slab leak inspection services, spa leak inspection and few more reliable services to secure your property from any kind of damage due to leaks.

How to contact us!

Call us on our number: 800-699-8127 to have best solution for any kind of leaks problem. Also, you can enter your zip and speak to our live technician for right way solution of your problem. We pride to offer best solution in limited time to save your hassle and money.